No car photos from this year, since we had to go to Williamstown (photos in the Williamstown gallery). These pictures are from the first shuttle of the day, and include K190 pulling the carriages out of the dock, a grain train passing, and Y112 leading the shuttle to Sulky.
Carriages stabled at Ballarat
Y112 at Ballarat
Phoenix Foundry builders plate
Y112 parked on platform 2
K190 on the carriages
K190 pulls the carriages out of the dock
Y112 reverses out of platform 2
Y112 attaches to the carriages
K190 and Y112 top and tailing
G542 and XR550 on a grain train
Diesel electric passing steam
Vlocity passing Y112
DMU passes the steam pass
Y112 steams past A box
Y112 pulls back into platform 2
Y112 with plenty of steam
Y112 in front of the signal box
Steam and Diesel at Ballarat
Y112 eases back into platform 2
Y112 in the platform
K190 at Ballarat
K190 at platform 2
Y112 and a Vlocity at Ballarat
Y112 at Ballarat
Y112 leads across Lydiard Street
60BW under the signal gantry
Y112 on the way to Sulky
Watch for trains
K190 follows across Lydiard Street
Tracks out of Ballarat