To compensate for the lack of time last year, I spent a full day (9:30am to 7:55pm - the only buses home) in Ballarat this year to observe the proceedings. Admittedly, I had run out of things to do by about 1...Locos this year were K153 and Y112 as usual, running to a different location: Lal Lal Blocking Point, a photo of which is below.
K153 at Ballarat
Y112 at Ballarat
K153 at Ballarat
K153 at Ballarat
Y112 leads out of Ballarat
Top and tailing out of Ballarat
Buick Eight
Buick emblem
Morris Minor 1000
Austin Seven
Ford flying bird
Chenard Walcker
Autumn leaves amongst the cars
Y112 back in Ballarat
Y112 prepares to depart
Shell fuel pump
Y112 departs Ballarat
Y112 and Vlocity at Ballarat
Cab of Y112
Shovel in the tender
K153 at Ballarat
Headlight of K153
Side of K153
K153 in front of Ballarat Station
Old and new
Y112 leads over Humffray Street
The train over Humffray Street
K153 at Lal Lal blocking point
K153 and Vlocity
Steam and Diesel
Platforms 1 and 2
K153 in the afternoon light
Y112 on platform 2
Clock at Ballarat Station
Y112 after the last shuttle
Y112 ready to leave
Y112 reverses the carriages back into the dock
Y112 and K153 head back to the shed