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Echuca station is one of few in Victoria that still retains a superb brick loco shed (disconnected, used by the wharf society for storage I believe), water tower, goods shed, turntable (operational) and station building. Palm trees were an unusual feature of many VR depots.
A2 996 was towed here in June 2004 from the wharf by Y112 via the newly built wharf line, as a candidate for restoration by West Coast Rail. Unfortunately, before work could progress, the venture collapsed, and the A2 was left to languish in the unprotected yard. The photos of it in the yard were taken in 2012, after more than 8 years subjected to vandalism.

3 Jan 2016: The A2 has been moved back to outside the wharf gates , with the use of 4 cranes and 2 trucks (I'm not sure how it will be moved onto the wharf proper). It will be given a cosmetic restoration and stored as an attraction on the wharf. The wharf line is unlikely to be used ever again, due to bureaucracy.
22 Jan 2016: With the appropriate permits now sorted, the loco was pushed onto the wharf by tractor.